Which Social Media Network Is the Best for a Professional Athlete?

There are three top social media networks that connect the world. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. With 1.5 billion active users, Facebook allows people to keep in touch with old friends, post pictures in albums, create events, pages, and much more. It is a multi-purpose social media network. Twitter recently hit 307 million active users, allowing users to read and post short messages, “tweets”. Instagram is reported to have 300 million active users, which lets users share photos and videos online. So which social media application is best for a professional athlete? Messi, one of FC Barcelona’s top gun athletes is still reported to not have his own Twitter account.  Aside from Cristiano Ronaldo, who posts on Twitter vicariously. Why isn’t Lionel Messi more eager to create his own Twitter? Does it really matter? If a professional athlete had to pick, which one do you think would be most beneficial to one? With each application specializing in different things, does it really matter which one an athlete has? Or does it not matter at all?





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