Reasons why athletes should use Social Media


According to this article there are 3 big reasons why athletes should use Social Media

  • To stay relevant after their professional careers as athletes are over… Unlike actors or singers, a professional athlete’s career is limited, as they get older. By staying in contact with their fans via social media, athletes have a chance to continue to be in the spotlight. Thus, are more likely to continue to get sponsorship money.
  • Being involved in social media a great way to increase your humanize yourself and increase your brand affinity… Social media gives athletes a outlet to connect to their fans on a more personal level, by sharing things about their personal lives. Fans become even more attached and loyal to a athlete who they feel a connection to off the field as well as on the field.
  • Social media gives athletes the power to influence, facilitate, and protect their brand… When an unfortunate thing is released about a athlete or a story is false, an athletes social media pages which their fans follow, allows them the outlet to clear up things, apologize for situations and protect themselves against the many times harsh media.

These points are very good at outlining important reasons for an athlete that is focused on maintaining and growing their brand should take advantage of social media. With the fact that they can protect themselves from false media being one of the most important, in my eyes. What do you think? What is the best use of social media by athletes? Do they have to focus on social media more than other people in the spotlight such as actors and music artist? Do you truly believe that social media is more beneficial than detrimental for athletes?

-Neeka Hodaie


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