Make It Count


What is the most important part of a sports article? The headline. Why? Headlines become the ultimate deciding factor for if an article gets read or not. The public takes one look at an article and it does not matter if that article is truly good or not, if the heading is poor or simple, it wont get read. Authors need to take into consideration grabbing the attention from search engines as well. When you type something into Google, virtually anything will surface by the millions. It is important that a heading sticks out from the rest. The title should be thought of as a mini advertisement. All too commonly authors put so much effort into the context of an article and simply slap on a title that fits, in turn losing the main source of attention and success.

Here are some useful tips that authors must think about every time they create a headline.

It must be:

  1. Clear
  2. Relavent
  3. Exciting
  4. Lean

Claire Brigham


3 thoughts on “Make It Count

  1. The most important thing is without question the headline, usually with a picture that captures the moment. Journalists will often even stretch the truth if it makes their article seem more lively so people will read it!


  2. I think the headline has become increasingly important due to technology and social media as well. Often news outlets like Twitter or Facebook post articles that will only get attention if the headline is intriguing to the viewer.


  3. I agree with the comments above. The headline is the first thing that one looks at on a newspaper or magazine cover. It’s intriguing to think that just one word in social media could either grab a viewers attention or totally turn it away.


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