Reputation Counts


Tiger Woods, among some of the most successful golfers across the world has also been recognized as one of the highest-paid athletes for years. Woods has broken several golf records in addition to being awarded PGA Player of the Year numberous times. Despite his success on the course, Woods’s carreer took a turn for the worst when word of his affair leaked to the media in 2009. Upon addmitting his infedelifty to his wife with several other women, Woods suffered severe loss with marketing deals and sponsers. Brands such as Gillette, Accenture, AT&T, Gatorate, and EA sports terminated their contracts leaving Woods with Nike who ultimately cut his $20 million-per-year deal in half.

Examples such as this prove that there is much more to an athletes success than simply physical achievements. Marketers look for athletes who can provide an all around desireable image to society, being not only a role model, but an inspiration to fans and consumers across the world.

Claire Brigham


4 thoughts on “Reputation Counts

  1. This is another valid example of how sport in today’s world have become businesses and how sports players themselves have become brand images of many of these teams.Becoming a well known image in the sports industry calls for many risks and obligations. If you’re going to be a role model and represent the face of a sport, you can’t expect to get away with things that aren’t legal, especially when you have people worldwide that look up to you. One slip could mean losing not only a sponsorship but a relationship with the sponsors as well. Not only could you be hurting your career, but you could be hurting someone else’s business in addition, just because of one mistake.


  2. Something everyone needs to take into account is that infidelity happens all the time in professional sports world. Anywhere from Golf to Hockey there are shady things going on. Tiger got caught….it’s as simple as that. If he hadn’t been caught, I think he would still be on top in the Golf world. Yes, it’s extremely messed up that anyone would do that sort of thing, but imagine you’re the best golfer in the world with countless achievements; every girl + their mother will smile when you walk by. A lot of professional athletes have something under the table going on, but the media hasn’t exposed it. I don’t feel bad for Tiger Woods, but I think it’s important to realize that these things happen all the time, unfortunately. Reputation is a huge aspect of good business. Nike wishes Tiger never got exposed, that’s for sure.


  3. We’ve seen this happen time and time again in sports, which often results in athletes losing their sponsors as a result of doing something immoral. From Michael Phelps, to Lance Armstrong (who essentially blew his entire career), to Alex Rodriguez (who is actually making a career revival at the moment), the image of athletes in the media is such a huge part in their success beyond their performance in the actual sport. Lance Armstrong, who was the founder of the popular Livestrong bands in the 2000s, lost everything when it was discovered he cheated, and was stripped of all his titles and lost everyone of his sponsors.


  4. I think its important to look at the influence of sponsors when things go wrong, but also the mental aspect of the issue. In Tigers case he seems to have never recovered MENTALLY, which has only made his situation worse. Not all athletes have the same mental strength and in sport its extremely important to be level headed. It seems that athletes who have rebounded have all had the mental strength to find some sort of balance. I also wonder the strength of media influence on this topic. They after all are the strongest influence in the mind of the public and the athlete.


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