Media Contributes to Greater Rivarly


This article ,Rebuilding After Franco, talks about the passionate rivalry between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona beginning in the Franco era.

As we know, the media has an enormous impact on the world of football. The media looks for any story that will draw the attention of the public. What’s a better way to bring in fans than to feed into the Rivarly that exists between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona?

The main newspapers in Madrid are Marca and AC; Barcelona has Sport. These newspapers take any chance they get to feed into the rivalry between the two teams. For example, in 2005, when Madrid had not won a title for 3 consecutive years, Sport took this as a chance to bag on the policies of Florentino Perez and the Capital itself. On the other side, when Ronaldinho was noticed excessively partying, the Marca and AC made sure to mention this in their dailies. Each team’s supporting newspaper takes the dirt from the other teams in order to make themselves look like the better team. If both sides are contributing to this gossip-like media, does it make it okay? Does the media actually influence the fans’s opinions about the clubs?

The media has broadened the football world to more than the sport itself. By bringing in political issues and the personal lives of each player into the dailies, it is not just about game anymore. Since the time of Franco, has the rivalry between FC Barcelona and Madrid grown stronger because of the advancements in the media? Will threatening football media coverage disperse or will it grow greater as the sport grows?



3 thoughts on “Media Contributes to Greater Rivarly

  1. This is written really clearly and you keep the attention of the reader. I think the style that you chose to write it on fit really well and your transitions were really smooth. I also like how you asked questions. My only suggestion was maybe make it a little longer, but other than that you gave good examples and wrote on an interesting topic that will be easy to expand on in the future.



  2. I agree with your last statement. The media’s capablity to reveal the personal lives of the players has turned them into more of celebrities, for people are so concerned with their life outside of the game. It’s pretty ridiculous to think that these players personal lives’ outside of the game could make or break their career. With the media’s one sided view, they’re also at a huge disadvantage, yet we as an audience are so drawn to the “dirt” that these newspapers are thriving. On the other side, media coverage of the effective causes players take part in can be beneficial to the players, for it helps fans to feel as if they have a personal connection to them.


    1. I think it is interesting that you point out the role of the audience. As viewers, we feed the newspapers to continue to report “dirt.” The media influences our opinions on certain topics whether we notice or not. Even if we don’t believe everything the media tells us, it is still brought to our attention and is hard to avoid.


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