Marketable Athletes in Today’s Society


Is success in a sport enough in the marketing world? We see athletes everyday strive on the field, court, pool, rink ect., but is that what makes a certain athlete appealing to marketers? Yes that helps, considering buyers tend to want products based on how an athlete preforms, but there are certainly many other factors that contribute to the overall success of an athlete. Look at Christiano Ronaldo for example. Often ranked best player of the year, Ronaldo also tops Europe’s list for most marketable football player over icons such as Wayne Rooney and Lionel Messi. Besides playing for two of the most famous teams, Real Madrid and Manchester United, as well as being captain of the Portuguese national team, Ronaldo also has just as a successful career off the field. With an income of $80 million, and endorsments coming in at $28 million, Ronaldo has made deals with big time brands such as Nike, Armani, Gucci, and Forbes.

But what exactly sets Ronaldo aside from other sports icons in today’s competivitve marketing field? For starters, he not only dominates the sport of football across the world, but is an upstanding character that has become inspirational to fans, advertisors, and marketing brands in today’s society. What marketers look for in an athete is the ability to relate on a global scale. With nearly 83 million facebook fans, Ronaldo has recognizably, popularity, and effective communication. That is how brands and businesses extend their markets to people all over the world. It is one thing to be the face of a company, it is another to establish an emotional relationship with the buyer that prolongs the overall success of the product and the athlete.

Claire Brigham


One thought on “Marketable Athletes in Today’s Society

  1. Christiano Ronaldo is a good example of how the media can have a positive effect on a player who is in the spotlight 24/7. Being portrayed not only as a great football player but also as a man with great character also gives the team and the sport in general an attractive profile. The fact that these players are also competing on a marketing level is a valid example of how the media is transforming the sport into a profitable business.


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